A New Chapter in Estate Planning for Empty Nesters

Guidance from Mark Fishbein, Lead Estate Planner at ALTA Estate

As you enter the empty nest phase of life, your estate planning needs inevitably evolve. Gone are the days when your primary concern was appointing a guardian for your young children. It’s time to ensure your estate plan reflects your current life stage and aspirations. Mark Fishbein, a seasoned estate planner at ALTA Estate, offers valuable insights into the unique estate planning considerations for empty nesters.

The Evolution of Powers of Attorney

Ensuring Competent Decision-Makers: Powers of attorney for financial affairs and health care decisions are pivotal in any estate plan. However, the individuals you once trusted to manage these responsibilities may no longer be the best choices due to changes in relationships or their circumstances. Mark Fishbein emphasizes that updating these documents is crucial to ensure that your affairs will be in capable hands if you cannot. You need help managing them yourself.

Tailoring Inheritances and Trusts for Adult Children

Adapting Trusts for Changing Needs: Trusts created when your children were minors may no longer be suitable. According to Mark Fishbein, revisiting these plans is essential, considering factors such as your children’s maturity levels and financial responsibility. For children with disabilities, special provisions might be necessary to ensure their long-term care and financial security.

Reassessing Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts

Optimizing Your Financial Portfolio: Life insurance policies taken out years ago may need reevaluation. What was once a safety net for young dependents might now be an excessive expense. Mark Fishbein advises that beneficiary designations on retirement accounts should be reviewed to prevent unintended inheritances, such as to a former spouse.

The Growing Relevance of Trusts in Estate Planning

Efficiency and Complexity: As you transition into the empty nest phase, the role of trusts in estate planning becomes increasingly significant. Empty nesters often have accumulated substantial assets and have specific goals for their inheritance. Incorporating trusts into your estate plan can offer many benefits, including the avoidance of probate, strategic planning for long-term care, and adeptly addressing intricate family dynamics. These advantages make trusts a valuable tool for securing your legacy and ensuring your loved ones are well-cared for in the years to come.

Customized Solutions: Mark Fishbein, a seasoned estate planning expert at ALTA Estate, emphasizes that trusts provide high customization. Whether you wish to safeguard assets for your children’s future, plan for the efficient distribution of wealth, or address unique family situations, trusts can be tailored to meet your needs. However, navigating the complexities of trusts requires professional guidance. Consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer is advisable to determine the best approach for your circumstances and objectives.

Asset Protection and Control: Trusts not only streamline the distribution of your assets but also offer enhanced protection against potential creditors and legal challenges. Depending on your goals, you can establish irrevocable trusts to protect assets from unforeseen financial liabilities while retaining control over certain aspects. These sophisticated tools provide asset protection and control beyond what a simple one will achieve.

Long-Term Care Planning: With the evolving landscape of healthcare and long-term care costs, trusts can play a pivotal role in ensuring you receive the care you need while preserving your assets for future generations. Medicaid planning, for instance, can be integrated into your trust strategy to help cover long-term care expenses without depleting your estate.

Professional Guidance: Estate planning involving trusts can be intricate, involving legal intricacies and tax implications. Mark Fishbein, the lead estate planner at ALTA Estate, underscores the importance of seeking professional guidance to navigate this complex terrain successfully. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you select the suitable types of trusts, draft them effectively, and ensure they align with your overall estate planning goals.

Securing Your Legacy in the Empty Nest Phase

Proactive Planning: As an empty nester, updating your estate plan is a critical step in securing your legacy and ensuring peace of mind. This phase of life offers a unique opportunity to reassess your goals and make necessary adjustments to your estate plan. By taking proactive steps now, with the guidance of experienced professionals like Mark Fishbein from ALTA Estate, you can rest assured that your wishes will be honored and your loved ones cared for in the coming years.

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