Mark Fishbein, Tucson Living Trusts

Mr. Mark Fishbein, an experienced Estate Planner with ALTA Estate.


Tucson Living Trusts, Estate Planning, Family Legacy Planning, and Wills.

Mark Fishbein, Tucson Living Trusts

Mr. Mark Fishbein, an experienced Estate Planner with ALTA Estate.


Tucson Living Trusts, Estate Planning, Family Legacy Planning, and Wills.

Mr. Mark Fishbein becomes Chairman of the Board of Guardianships of Southern Arizona: Empowering Families of Children with Disabilities.

Mark Fishbein has dedicated his life to safeguarding the financial future of children with disabilities and supporting their families to secure their assets and future goals for the well-being of their children with physical and mental disabilities. His journey began unexpectedly, spurred by a client’s request, eventually evolving into a mission to assist families facing the financial complexities of caring for a child with special needs. With no formal infrastructure in place at the State or Federal level, Mark stepped in to fill this crucial void, becoming a licensed contractor for Arizona’s Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

Collaborating closely with Ron Barber, Director of DDD, Mark assumed the role of Chairperson at Guardianships of Southern Arizona. The organization’s core objective is to foster a network wherein families pledge mutual care for each other’s children in the event of parental incapacity—a support system born out of necessity. From a modest group of 30, the organization has grown to encompass over 300 families, driven by estate planning initiatives and educational programs facilitated by Mark and his team.

Under Mark’s guidance, financial strategies, and estate planning experiences, the Beacon Foundation was formed for the purpose of providing such specific training programs to all children (and adults) to perform basic life and work skills. These initiative programs empower children with disabilities, teaching them financial skills like money management, and navigating public transportation using vocational training for employment opportunities.

Linkages, another initiative program, revive derelict properties, transforming them into living spaces for these individuals, offering a sense of independence within a communal setting. Rather than institutionalized care, these renovated homes provide personalized rooms overseen by dedicated case workers. The aim is to create an environment that fosters autonomy and a sense of ownership over their lives.

Witnessing the joy on these individuals’ faces upon receiving their own living space and embracing a semblance of normalcy is the most rewarding aspect of Mark’s practice. Much of this work is pro bono, driven solely by the desire to provide invaluable assistance where others might not have the expertise or willingness to do so.

Mark’s commitment extends beyond financial aid; specialized education and workshops on special needs, estate planning intricacies, and services supplement his efforts. Surprisingly, Mark’s extensive experience now positions him as an educator in this specialized field, imparting knowledge gleaned over years of dedicated practice.

Ensuring families can safeguard their assets as an inheritance for their children with special needs while safeguarding their access to critical Federal and State benefits, demands precise expertise. Mark’s nuanced approach and adeptness in articulating critical details within legal documents have evolved through years of practice in this specialized domain.

The bottom line lies in offering families peace of mind, armed with the knowledge that their children’s financial security and benefits are intricately safeguarded. Through meticulous guidance and unwavering dedication, Mark and ALTA Estate Services endeavor to brighten the lives of those with disabilities and their family members as they watch their children grow and develop a beautiful and productive life for themselves. “Helping others is the key to my success in my practice and adds value to my life that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.” Mark L. Fishbein.

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Mr. Fishbein dedicates his efforts to assisting families during times of crisis.


Recently, a family member of a client of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC of Tucson, Arizona contacted Mr. Fishbein by telephone on a Saturday at 2:00 am in the morning to inform him that her father was just taken to the hospital, in critical condition, as a result of a home accident. Mark L. Fishbein responded immediately by going to his office in Tucson, Arizona, and forwarding a copy of the Medical Power of Attorney to the family members of the injured client, at the hospital… For more, click, HERE.

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